Back relief from massage not pain meds!

Massage can provide effective relief from low back pain!  A study published in the Annuals of Internal Medicine suggests massage might alleviate back pain better than traditional approached such as medication, exercise and bed rest.

The study involved 400 patients who had low back pain. The vast majority were middle aged Caucasian females. They discovered that those who were given a series of massage sessions were able to better return to their normal activities of daily living and work. What surprised the researchers was that the improvement was superior to conventional medical care, such as muscle relaxers, pain medication and physical therapy.

During our massage career we’ve helped clients that suffered with neck and back pain.  Several of our clients could be a poster child for what massage can do. They have been so impressed with what massage did for them, they told all of their friends and neighbors about the benefits for massage and what it did to give them their life back.

Another study funded by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine as part of the U.S. National Institutes of Health, came to the same conclusion after a 10 week project.  Over 33 percent of the patients given massage therapy indicated that their pain was much improved or even eliminated completely. This was in comparison to only one in 25 patients who were given conventional care. In addition, they were more likely to have spent less time in bed and used less pain medication.

One of the more encouraging elements of the study was that the beneficial effects of the massage seemed not only to be experienced during the research period, but also lingered for a time following the completion of the therapy. This was evidenced by the lingering effect of massage continued to display improvement in function for several months after the study’s onset.

Sometimes the benefit of massage only lasts 3 days, other times the relief lasts up to 10.

There will always be members of the medical community that will continue to be reluctant to accept the benefits as being valid. As younger physicians enter the medical field with training in the benefits of alternative medicine, this may change.

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