Massage and Adjustments

While massage may have developed a reputation as a decadent treat for people who love pampering, studies continue to show the wide variety of tangible health benefits.

Ask the client who came in yesterday because his back was tight and he was having difficulty bending over, getting in and out of the car and was preparing for a long flight – oh the misery in his eyes and movement showed it all. He had a muscle spasm earlier in the week, went to the chiropractor who adjusted him, and was basically told there wasn’t anything else the chiropractor could do and maybe he should go get a massage.

Did you know that a chiropractor can put your bones back where they belong, but a massage will help keep those bones in place? The two professions work very well together, but many time people think they need an adjustment or a massage – if you can coordinate the two, you can make the best of both worlds.

When muscles are tight, they tug on the bones they are attached to causing the bones to pull out of alignment. A massage will ease and release the tightness of the muscles and the adjustment realigns the body.

Which you receive first – a massage or an adjustment? There are different schools of thought – get a massage to help you relax and then the adjustment. Get the adjustment so that your bones are where they belong and get the massage to relax the muscles to help the adjustment last longer. I’ve done both, it’s really a matter of preference.

I read a post the other day that made me laugh – “I get freaked out every time I think about the fact that a skeleton is living inside of me.” Yes, there is a skeleton living inside of you, but there are muscles attached to that skeleton that allows you to move.

Anyway, when we finished our massage session the client opened the door and said he was amazed – he could actual bend over! I was confident I could fix him, but there is definitely an art in finding the balance of giving a therapeutic massage, relaxing a first client enough to trust that statement, and fixing them!

At Widdoss Therapeutic Massage we believe in our massage, and as our client base continues building, we have success story after success story. Massage is not only for the rich and famous. Research the health benefits of massage and give us a call the next time you are in the Birmingham AL area and we will set you up for an amazing massage experience – we care about your overall well-being and our hands knead your body!